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    Node.js Recipes - Apress (2013) ebook

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    Node.js Recipes - Apress (2013)

    Node.js Recipes - Apress (2013)

    Node.js is a server-side framework useful for building highly scalable and fast applications. Node.js is a
    platform that is built on v8, the javascript runtime that powers the Chrome browser designed by Google. Node.js is designed to be great for intensive I/O applications utilizing the nonblocking event-driven architecture. While Node.js can serve functions in a synchronous way, it most commonly performs operations asynchronously. This means that as you develop an application, you call events with a callback registered for handling the return of the function. While awaiting the return, the next event or function in your application can be queued for execution. Once the first function completes, its callback event is executed and handled by the function call that invoked the callback. This event-driven processing is described in Node.js very own definition: This book is about Node.js. In particular this book is designed as a recipe book, which aims to provide a large set of useful and high-quality examples of what Node.js is capable of accomplishing. This book is geared for a developer who has some experience with javascript and at least some exposure to Node.js. By reading this book, you will
    gain an understanding of many of the highly utilized modules, both those native to Node.js and those written by third-party contributors, that are the main targets for Node.js developers.

    Author : Cory Gackenheimer
    Language : English
    Published : 21 October, 2013
    Publisher : Apress
    ISBN : 1430260580
    Format: PDF
    Waga : 3.86 MB

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