Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases

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Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases

Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
Learn how to develop databases with the latest version of SQL Server. Ron Davis shows how to design tables and views, use constraints, and create and implement indexes. He also discusses stored procedures, and using triggers to modify data. Plus, learn about features unique to SQL Server 2014: in-memory tables and in-memory (or natively compiled) stored procedures.
Topics include:
Working with SQL Server development tools
Designing database tables
Utilizing schemas with tables
Using constraints to enforce integrity
Understanding how SQL stores and locates data
Designing database views
Working with stored procedures
Using triggers to modify data
Creating in-memory databases
Format : MP4
Waga : 400 MB
Time : 3h 22m
Skill Level : Intermediate
Language : English

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