Navigate A2 Elementary PACK

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Navigate A2 Elementary PACK

Navigate A2 Elementary PACK
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Navigate A2 Elementary: Teacher\'s Support and Resource Disk
Navigate A2 Elementary: Coursebook + Audio
Navigate A2 Elementary Workbook (with key)
Navigate A2 Elementary: Video
1. Navigate A2 Elementary: Teacher\'s Support and Resource Disk
Welcome to the Navigate A2 Elementary Teacher`s Support and Resource Disc. On this disc, you will find resources to help you prepare for your Navigate classes, supplement the lessons and assess your students` progress.
Some of the documents are PDF files and others are Word™ files. You can print out the PDFs and use them as they are. If you want to adapt the content of the Word™ files, you must first save the file onto your computer. You can then adapt it and save it as with any Word™ document.
The video and audio files can be accessed by clicking on the links. They will open in your computer`s media player. You can also find them by going to the Documents folder on the CD-ROM. You will find MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) files. You can play them from this folder, or save them onto your computer or MP3 player.
Lesson overview videos
Catherine Walter, Navigate Series Adviser, talks through the first four lessons of every unit in these bite-size, one-minute videos. For each lesson, she explains the rationale behind it and the outcomes expected for the learners. You can use these videos to prepare yourself for your Navigate lessons, especially if you are pushed for time and need a quick overview of what is coming up in the lesson.
Photocopiable activities
These photocopiable activities are a perfect way of supplementing the Coursebook in your lessons. Also available to photocopy from the Teacher`s Guide, they offer a Grammar, a Vocabulary and a Communication activity for each unit. Each activity has a clear lesson link to the Coursebook and offers a fun and interactive way for learners to activate the language they have been learning.
Vox pops videos
The Vox pops videos themselves can be found on the DVD that is packaged with the Coursebook or on the Coursebook e-book. It is recommended to use the Vox pops video in class at the point that is signalled on the Coursebook pages. On this disc you will find the Worksheets that accompany the videos and the teaching notes and answer keys. Also available are the transcripts.
Navigate offers an extensive testing package in form of Unit tests, Progress tests and an End-of-course test. Each test has an A version and a B version. The B version contains the same material as the A version but in a different order. If you are worried about learners copying answers, give neighbouring learners a different version of the test. The tests include a range of task types and cover all four skills, grammar, vocabulary and communication.
The tests are provided as both PDFs and Word™ documents. They contain the same material, but the Word™ documents allow you to adapt the tests if you choose. Wordlists
The Wordlists for Navigate A2 Elementary are provided as both unit-by-unit lists and as a complete A-Z list. Each Wordlist offers key vocabulary form the Coursebook with its part of speech, IPA, translation line and a sample sentence.
Audio and video scripts
The scripts from the Coursebook audio, Workbook audio, Coursebook video and Vox pops are available in both PDF and Word format.
Student Study Record
Print off this record for each learner in your class at the end of every unit, so that they can assess their own progress, by filling in the form and identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement.
2. Navigate A2 Elementary: Coursebook + Audio
3. Navigate A2 Elementary Workbook (with key)
4. Navigate A2 Elementary: Video
A brand new adult course based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages and extensive classroom research. Navigate is a brand new, six-level General English course tailored exclusively to adults. The course takes an innovative approach to reading and listening based on academic research as to how adults best learn languages. It teaches reading and listening from the bottom up, giving learners the skills they need to understand the next text they will read and hear, not just the one they are reading or hearing now. The content has been extensively piloted and reviewed in ELT classrooms across the world, giving teachers the confidence that it really works
Format : MP3, MP4, PDF
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